GARDENCUP DELIVERS NATIONWIDE! To ensure your gardencups arrive as fresh and pretty as possible, we use the optimal shipping method for your location. We breakout the convenience fee (aka delivery cost) from our product prices so you can see just how much more efficient it is get a single Gardencup order every week rather than countless random restaurant deliveries or personal voyages out n' about. Our "convenience fee" ranges from only $0-3/cup depending on your order size and location, which is 3-6 times cheaper than impulse Door Dash orders with all the tips and hidden fees added up! 


When we say "GET FRESH", we mean it! We fresh-prep your gardencups and ship them out to you the very same day. 


Catering for a team or event? Interested in a Gardencup ATM (fresh vending machine) for your building? Email us! [email protected].


Fresh food that's BETTER FOR YOU. Portable, reusable cups that MAKE LIFE EASY. Doorstep delivery with ON-DEMAND CONVENIENCE.

Show us a simpler way to get more fresh produce in your life and we'll do that instead! Any other ideas for improvement, please lettuce know. We're on a mission to make clean eating SO EASY it's unavoidable, helping lead a healthier, happier, stress-freer life. Email [email protected] and tell us how we can help.