What's the Gardenclub?

An elite group of produce POWER EATERS that get a FREE GARDENCUP W/EVERY ORDER + special VIP perks for the rest of the calendar year.

Why we're big on produce

We Believe

...the best way to keep any healthy habit is by making it EASY on yourself. What better way to simplify clean eating than getting garden-fresh salads and ready-to-eat produce right to your door every week?! It has worked wonders for our wellness goals, and we know it can for you too, because convenience always wins.


The #EatMoreProduce Challenge

Hey you! Getting enough fruits and veggies? Join our challenge to #EatMoreProduce and we'll practically guarantee it. The Challenge encourages (and rewards) a plant-packed way of life, and nothing makes that more acheivable than keeping gardencups in your fridge, at the ready.

The goal is to restock at least every other week.


HOW TO ENTER: no signup required - just start ordering and track your progress toward six (6) separate orders before the end of the current calendar quarter (Q1 ends March 31). 


HOW TO COMPLETE: simply order gardencups six (6) or more times from the same account during any calendar quarter (Q1: Jan-Mar | Q2: Apr-Jun | Q3: Jul-Sep | Q4: Oct-Dec).


If you set a bi-weekly subscription at the beginning of the quarter (or place your own one-time orders every other week), you'll beat the Challenge by the end of the quarter (and likely be feeling INCREDIBLE after weeks of a consistent, plant-rich diet!). Hint: if you qualify in the first quarter and order weekly for the rest of the year, that's up to 46 free gardencups.


I Completed the Challenge! Now what?

The Gardenclub, that's what! Once you've received that magical "6th order of the quarter", you've completed the Challenge and qualify for our most exclusive customer group... The Gardenclub.


The Gardenclub rewards committed clean-eaters with even more clean eats and special treats. When your account is added to the list, you get a free gardencup ($11 value) with EVERY ORDER for the rest of the year, plus other fun VIP stuff like gifts and merch, a vote on new recipes, and early access to new cups.


Click below when you've completed the Challenge and qualify for admission to the Gardenclub (subject line: "CHALLENGE COMPLETE") ...Yay!!