If your order is in transit more than two days...

we'll replace it.

It's that simple.

That's our FRESH guarantee.

Sometimes ship happens, aka shipping delays :) but don't worry, we got you.

We only want you eating cool, crisp greens

so we go to the extreme when it comes to well-insulated packaging. Born in the Texas summer, we at Gardencup practically wrote the book on keeping salads fresh in transit.

We source all your greens FRESH the same day they're chopped, cupped, and shipped out to you, gracing your fridge just 1-2 days later. That way you have at least 5 days with your gardencups before they even think about expiring. If you ever have an order arrive late, warm, and wilted just lettuce know within 24 hours of delivery... we'll HANDLE it! :)

Your gardencups are packed up safe and sound in a refrigerated shipping box that's practically bomb-proof, maintaining fresh temps for up to two days (or 60 hours) outdoor in the dead of summer. When we promise you'll "get fresh", we mean it.

In cooler seasons and climates, Gardencup packs can keep cool for 3+ days. (That means your orders come with a free reusable coolers for your next road trip or picnic ;) Just keep your box, refreeze your ice packs, and return that $300 Yeti).

When will my order arrive?

To make sure your salads don't get stuck in transit while carriers are closed, we have a fine-tuned fulfillment schedule that varies based on location and time of order. ALL orders ship 2-7 days after they are placed. We have a same-week shipping cut off each Sunday at 11:59pm ET, so if you place your order Monday-Saturday, it will ship out to you the following week. If you need an exact ETA, ping us in the chat bubble!

We want you to have at least five days with your gardencups before they start to expire (some last longer), so we hand-make them FRESH just a few hours before they ship out.

If my delivery is late, how do I know if it's spoiled?

If your ice packs are completely liquidated (no solid ice remaining) and your gardencups are no longer cool to the touch, discard the food and enjoy your new reusable cups!

Then what? (Get a replacement!)

97-98% of our shipments arrive within two days. If yours is delayed beyond that by no fault of your own and shows up on day 3+ in less-than-delicious condition, here's how to request a replacement:

1. Snap a quick unboxing video or photos showing spoiled cups and liquidated ice pack(s).

2. Send to us via chat or email with your order number on the day of delivery. We require notification to be received within 24 hours of delivery.

3. We'll get you freshened right up :)

Commercial Addresses

No problem. Just make sure the business is open or someone's there from 8-5, Monday-Friday.

As with any other UPS or FedEx delivery to a business, someone must be present during normal business hours (generally 8am to 5pm) to receive deliveries. We recommend shipping to residential addresses when possible as carriers do not require someone to be present for standard deliveries. As parcels cannot be left on a public sidewalk of a closed shop or office building, the business must be open or someone must be there to receive them. Thus, we nor the carrier can guarantee attempted on-time deliveries to businesses.

Best Practices

1. Refrigerate ASAP! Even though we pack all our boxes to stay cold until 9pm on the second day of transit, it's still a good idea to get them in the fridge as soon as possible.

2. Keep an eye on your email (check spam) and/or texts for shipping notifications and try to be home to refrigerate your cups within four hours of delivery.

3. Store toward the top/front of the fridge to avoid light freezing, which can wilt lettuce. Optimal storage temp for a gardencup is 36-40 degrees.

4. Enjoy within 5-6 days of delivery for maximum scrumptiousness.