Garden-Fresh Salads, Delivered

Build your own pack and put clean eating on autopilot.

Made from fresh, nutrient-dense produce

Delicious, ready-to-eat meals

Take. Shake. Eat. Repeat.

Eating clean shouldn’t feel like work… So we made it easier than ever. Gardencups are produce-packed craft salads and grain bowls with 5-10 different wellness-boosting fresh, whole foods.

Best of all, they’re ready when you are and go anywhere - all you have to do is Click and Ship so you can Take and Shake when life gets busy!

From the Garden (not the food processor)

How It Works

Truly Healthy Meals, Ready When You Are

We believe clean eating should be SO EASY it's unavoidable (just like junk food is). So we put the garden in a cup and ship it right to your door, READY. TO. EAT. Gardencups are as tasty, portable, and on-demand as a bag of chips, but packed with fresh, whole produce who’s only “processing” is washing and chopping. That's real food, real easy.