Craft salads, bowls, and produce on autoship

Gardencups are FRESH produce-packed salads and superfood bowls that come right to your door in a cold-insulated box, READY. TO. EAT. (microwave, dishes or table not required!).


With dressings and toppings included right in the cup, all you have to do is

Take, Shake, Eat, Repeat

(just apply a little elbow grease for the shaking part).

How It Works

Restaurant-Quality * Nutrient-Dense * Delivered * Ready to Eat

Made. Fresh

Every gardencup is hand-made to order the same day it ships out to you. We source your produce as close to harvest as possible and receive almost all of it fresh from our suppliers the very same day it goes into your gardencups. That way, your salads are crisp and fresh for about a week after they grace your doorstep. Most gardencups are best within 5-6 days after arrival.


Boxed up nice and cool in our fully recyclable and reusable insulated box, your pack is refrigerated by eco-friendly cold packs (drain-safe and reusable). Our cooler box maintains fresh temperature (35-42 degrees) for up to 60 hours in mid-summer and even longer in the colder months.
Even if they arrive early though, it's a good idea to get those gardencups in the fridge right away to ensure max shelf-life. To avoid wilting, keep them in the front of the fridge so they don't accidentally freeze in the back.


Hand-wash those cups and put them to work organizing the house! While you can reuse a Gardencup for almost any at-home or on-the-go storage and organization, they were born for the kitchen. Have your best looking pantry, fridge, and freezer by moving all your loose staples into a uniform storage fleet of repurposed gardencups.
The screw-top cap with foam liner helps create an airtight seal, When washing the caps, be sure to dry this foam liner separately as water can get underneath it. The cups are not microwave- or dishwasher-safe, though they usually survive low-heat cycles on the top rack.

You can also earn cashback rewards for showing us how you #Cupcycle!

ATTN: DALLASITES! If you live in or around the DFW Metroplex, feel free to drop off your entire stockpile of cups, ice packs, and thermal liners to our kitchen in Garland.


The people have spoken!

100+ 5 Star Reviews

I love these cups!

They’re perfect for a healthy and delicious grab and go meal! Fresh ingredients! Highly recommend!

Cassie M.

Happy Gardencupper

Can't Get Enough

I am addicted to these salads. They are delicious and stay fresh for quite some time. I even pack them in my luggage when I travel.

Pamela S.

Happy Gardencupper

I’m Hooked on Gardencup!

My review in short is Gardencup is an awesome service! The salads are very fresh, with a variety to choose from! I am a happy happy “Cupper” customer.

Becky H.

Happy Gardencupper

Everything about the salad was delicious!

Good size portion that kept me full all day. Highly recommend ordering every variety of salads, they are just that GOOD!!!

Brittney R.

Happy Gardencupper

Take. Shake. Eat. Repeat.


We want to make clean eating more practical and on-demand than ever, while minimizing single-use plastics. Needless to say, our cups are over-engineered! Far more durable and leakproof than a typical plastic cup or clamshell to-go container, gardencups come in reusable food storage containers that can be resealed and repurposed endlessly. Our cups are also #1 PET, which is the most curbside friendly plastic out there. After you've ran out of reuses around the house, you can place them in your curbside recycling bin!


how do i eat a gardencup?
Gardencups are ready when you are (zero prep time) and go anywhere (portable + resealable). Toppings and dressings included (dressing is packaged separately from the rest of the salad) - all you need is a fork. Shake and enjoy right out of the cup as the perfect handheld meal on the go (or on the couch) OR empty into a bowl or plate a finer dining experience.
Is Gardencup Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly?
Yes! Most gardencups have both a protein and Vegetarian/Vegan option. See them all with the "Dietary Preferences" filter.
Are the cups plastic?
The cups are premium, reusable food storage containers with airtight / watertight screwtop lids, and we actually take them back for sanitation and reuse! They're also #1 PET which is the most curbside recycle-friendly plastic out there!
is everything recyclable?
EVERYTHING! Your cups are #1 PET (aka pure, raw plastic, the most recycle-friendly kind that can go directly into your curbside recycling bin) and your box, thermal liners, and ice packs are either curbside recyclable or biodegradable (they also make for a great road trip cooler).
Is everything reusable?
EVERYTHING! Hand-wash those premium storage cups and put them to good use with any dry, fresh, or frozen food: shake smoothies (or margaritas), save leftovers, and organize trinkets. While you can reuse a gardencup for any at-home or portable storage solution, they were born for the kitchen: have your best looking pantry, fridge, and freezer by moving all your loose staples into a uniform storage fleet of repurposed gardencups. And when you've run out of cupcycled uses and accumulate 30+ extra cups, fill the biggest box you can and ship 'em right back to us for sanitiation and reuse (we'll even cover shipping).
Where can I find nutrition info?
Visit our product detail pages for recipe & ingredient descriptions and swipe the images for the full nutrition panel.
Do you have a loyalty/rewards program?
With Gardencup, clean eating is rewarded in more ways than one. After you place your first order, just log in to your account with the same email you ordered with to see your Produce Points balance, redeem for discounts, refer friends for credits, and more.
When will my order arrive?
Your delivery day is displayed at checkout and in your account under "Shipping". Our same-week shipping cut off is each Sunday at 11:59pm ET.
Can I try it once before autoshipping?
Sure! Just log in to your account after checking out and simply skip your next order or two so you have some time to assess the FRESH before getting future deliveries. Then, when you see how much easier life is with gardencups in the fridge, simply unskip or reactivate your pack. You have complete control over your own personal salad service!