5 Reasons Why Gardencup Beats Chain Restaurant Salads

Ditch takeout. Discover the fresh, convenient, and eco-friendly choice.

1. Sketchy Ingredients vs. Nature’s Best

Who knows where “takeout salads” are sourced from?… Instead, get the crunch of freshness and the burst of flavor with every Gardencup. Sourced on the same day as harvest, our ingredients are nature’s best-kept secret for nutrient-dense, wholesome meals.

Heather G.

Pleasantly surprised how good my first salad was. The dressing was light, vegetables were crispy & fresh. These will definitely encourage me to eat my veggies!”

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2. Guaranteed Fresh, Not Soggy

Say NO to soggy salads that have been sitting out for who-knows-how-long. Our "Fresh Guarantee" ensures your Gardencup arrives in peak condition. Packed in an insulated cooler box, our cups retain freshness for up to 6 days so you can enjoy them all week long!

Marie K.

I received my first box today. Yay! Every salad arrived fresh and cold. The way these were packaged kept everything in its place. This Garden Cup box and its contents were in fantastic shape.”

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3. Clean-Eating Made SO Convenient

Save precious lunch break time and skip the habit of ordering bad to-go food. Gardencup delivers convenience without compromise, right to your door. As easy to grab as a bag of chips but much better for you. Save time and savor the ease of delicious, nutritious meals for a week of lunches.

Kim W.

These salads are soooo good. They’re really fresh and the dressings are amazing. Better than Farmer’s Fridge, imo, and makes lunchtime at work super easy.”

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4. 100% Sustainable Packaging

Where chain restaurants fall short in sustainability, Gardencup leads with recyclable and reusable packaging. No single-use plastics here because we #cupcycle. Enjoy your meal knowing you're supporting eco-conscious eating. Our commitment to the planet is as strong as our commitment to your taste buds.

Lucy F.

"Highly recommend if you are looking to add more salad to your diet. The containers are also great: very reusable or you can recycle them."

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5. Better Quality At A Better Price

Experience the quality and satisfaction of a chef-prepared gourmet salad at a fast-food price. Our meal sets offer better nutrition, more convenience, and greater satisfaction at an overall lower cost.

Gerrilynn M.

Just received my first order and can’t say it wasn’t delicious. I’m shocked how fresh it is and tasty. Definitely worth it.”

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