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With Gardencup, clean eating is rewarded in more ways than one. After you place your first order, just log in to your account with the same email you ordered with to see your Produce Points balance, redeem for discounts, refer friends for credits, and more.

EVERYTHING! Your cups are #1 PET (aka pure, raw plastic, the most recycle-friendly kind) and your box, thermal liners, and ice packs are either curbside recyclable or biodegradable (they also make for a great road trip cooler).

EVERYTHING! Hand-wash those premium storage cups and put them to good use with any dry, fresh, or frozen food: shake smoothies (or margaritas), save leftovers, and organize trinkets. While you can reuse a gardencup for any at-home or portable storage solution, they were born for the kitchen: have your best looking pantry, fridge, and freezer by moving all your loose staples into a uniform storage fleet of repurposed gardencups. And when you've run out of cupcycled uses and accumulate 30+ extra cups, fill the biggest box you can and ship 'em right back to us for sanitiation and reuse (we'll even cover shipping).

Gardencups are ready when you are (zero prep time) and go anywhere (portable + resealable). Toppings and dressings included (dressing is packaged separately from the rest of the salad) - all you need is a fork. Shake and enjoy right out of the cup as the perfect handheld meal on the go (or on the couch) OR empty into a bowl or plate a finer dining experience.

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