Pesto Pasta Powercup (veggie)

$9.99 USD

17g Protein * 47g Carbs * 420 Cals * 35% DV Iron

One of our all-time favorites... you just can't go wrong with a good, clean, authentic pesto pasta bowl. Our basil pesto sauce is made in-house daily with clean, simple ingredients and will give you a new meaning of the word FRESH. Topped off with plump grape tomatoes, crisp whole spinach, and fresh-peppered mozzarella. The Pesto Pasta Powercup makes for a proper lunch on the go or a classy dinner alike.


  • Grains: Rotini Pasta
  • Greens: Spinach
  • Veggies: Grape Tomatoes
  • Cheese: Peppered Fresh Mozzarella
  • Sauce: Fresh, House-made Basil Pesto (all-natural, clean simple ingredients)


Clean, Simple Ingredients * Clean Carbs * Vegetarian * High Protein

Best within 5-6 days of delivery.

Powercups are filling, single-serving ready-to-eat grain bowl meals packed with energizing, complex/whole grain carbs and fresh, nutrient-dense veggies. Whether on the go or on the couch, shake and enjoy handheld... or pour it out and plate as a gourmet dinner-table entrée (mix two or three together in a bowl and tell your dinner party it's your own creation).


Powercups are filling, grab-and-go grain bowls with a variety of wholesome, top-quality ingredients delivered fresh-prepared and ready to eat; no prep, microwave, or dishes required. Keep refrigerated (do not freeze).
Cups and caps are food-safe, leakproof, reusable, and curbside recyclable; hand-wash is recommended as high-heat dishwasher may warp; do not microwave.
See nutrition panels in product images for complete ingredient and nutrient info. Made in a kitchen that also handles most common allergens (eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, wheat). Those with severe food allergies are advised not to consume.

Real Food, Real Easy

There's no better preventative medicine than a steady diet of nutrient-dense whole foods. The best way to guarantee enough fruits & veggies on the reg?

Joining the Gardencup life :)


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100+ 5 Star Reviews

I love these cups!

They’re perfect for a healthy and delicious grab and go meal! Fresh ingredients! Highly recommend!

Cassie M.

Happy Gardencupper

Can't Get Enough

I am addicted to these salads. They are delicious and stay fresh for quite some time. I even pack them in my luggage when I travel.

Pamela S.

Happy Gardencupper

I’m Hooked on Gardencup!

My review in short is Gardencup is an awesome service! The salads are very fresh, with a variety to choose from! I am a happy happy “Cupper” customer.

Becky H.

Happy Gardencupper

Everything about the salad was delicious!

Good size portion that kept me full all day. Highly recommend ordering every variety of salads, they are just that GOOD!!!

Brittney R.

Happy Gardencupper

Makes life super easy (and healthy!)

Every one I’ve gotten has been fresh and delicious! I’m loving the taste and convenience!

Shea S.

Happy Gardencupper

Absolutely Delicious.

The salads came right to my door, super fresh and so many different options to choose from. I loved every single one of them. This is absolutely something I’ll continue to buy. I can’t get enough of that Italian pasta salad.

Robyn T.

Happy Gardencupper

Love the Spicy TexMex Powercup.

I get mine with chicken. Great flavor, and a great quick meal or snack for the busy person. Way better than fast food for about the same price.

Michael G

Happy Gardencupper

Get Fresh Guarantee

We're serious about getting you the freshest ready-to-eat salads in the history of ready-to-eat salads. Say goodbye to sad bagged salads that sat on the store shelf for a week before they found you and only have a day left before they expire... You get your gardencups just 18-48 hours after they're fresh made in our kitchen...

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Cheaper Than...

DIY salad prepping, eating out, ordering in

Freshness Guarantee

Arrives fresh or it ships again!

Reusable Cups

Handwash + reuse, recycle, or return