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Southwest Gardencup


$8.99 - $11.99
Greens: Gardengreen (Spinach, Green Leaf, Romaine) Veggies: Grape Tomatoes, Green Bell Pepper, Fire-Roasted Corn, Red Onion Other: Black Beans,
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Mediterranean Gardencup


$7.99 - $11.99
Greens: Gardengreens (Spinach, Green Leaf, Romaine) Veggies: Grape Tomatoes, Bell Pepper, English Cucumber, Red Onion Other: Crumbled Feta, Pin
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Applegreen Gardencup


$8.99 - $11.99
Greens: Gardengreens (Spinach, Green Leaf, Romaine) Fruit: Granny Smith Apples, Dried Cranberries, Sweet Medjool Dates Other: Crumbled Goat Che
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Gardencup's mission is to give you the most convenient, wholefood meals you've ever had so you can eat clean CONSISTENTLY.

As we all know... if isn't EASY, it ain't happenin'.

 Portable, Fresh Produce Meals


Pick your favorites and we deliver them to your door a few days later. It’s that simple. Stock your fridge with ready-to-eat, restaurant-quality salads and grain bowls so you never go hungry waiting on DoorDash or in line again. 

salad with ham and strawberries
salad with dried bits and cheese

Bold Flavors Delivered Fresh

Every gardencup is jam-packed with a huge variety of fresh-diced produce and power foods, all with wellness-boosting nutrients. Your cups are delivered in a temperature-controlled box a day or two after they're hand-made in our kitchen.

How easy is that?

Healthy Nutrition Made Easy

No more triple-digit grocery runs or washing, cutting, and cleaning up with meal prepping. Gardencups are as effortless, portable, and on-demand as a candy bar, but packed with fresh produce, lean proteins, and nutrient-rich superfoods.

Welcome to your new favorite healthy habit.

cost effective salads delivered to your door