Hey Siri, search "Salads Near Me". That's right, from New York, New York to San Diego, California and the middle of nowhere in between, you can now enjoy the cool, crisp delight of garden-fresh meals without so much as leaving your couch (yep, even you, Hawaii).


Have ultra-premium, restaurant-quality salads, grain bowls, snacks, breakfasts, smoothies, and ready-to-eat produce sent right to your door anywhere in the 50 United States in two days or less all the way from our FDA-certified kitchen in Dallas, Texas. Can we finally say, "Gardencup Nation"?

GET FRESH GUARANTEE: When we tell you to "GET FRESH", we mean it! We only want you eating the freshest, crispest salads and produce money can buy. So we fresh-prep your gardencups and ship them out the very same day. If they don't make it to you within two days of leaving our kitchen and show up warm, we'll have a good cry and then replace your entire order, no questions asked. Just email your order # and a pic of the inside of your box to


DELIVERY COST: We break out shipping (aka the convenience fee) from our gardencup prices so you can see just how much more efficient it is get a single Gardencup pack every week instead of numerous random restaurant deliveries or personal voyages out n' about scouring for food. Our "convenience fee" ranges from only $1-3/cup depending on your order size and location (substantially cheaper than Door Dash with all the hidden fees and tip added up!).