Every gardencup is made fresh to order right before it ships out the very same day. We source your produce as close to harvest as possible and receive almost all of it fresh the very same day it goes into your gardencups. That way, they're crisp and fresh for the whole week once they grace your doorstep. Typical shelf life is 5-7 days, but be sure to check the "Best By" date at the bottom of your cups (often times they don't expire until several days after the Best By).


Shipping - Boxed up nice and cool in our fully recyclable and reusable insulated box, your pack is refrigerated by eco-friendly cold packs (drain-safe and reusable). Our cooler box maintains fresh temperature (35-42 degrees) for up to 60 hours in mid-summer and even longer in the colder months. Even if they arrive early though, it's a good idea to get those gardencups in the fridge right away to ensure max shelf-life. To avoid wilting, keep them in the front of the fridge so they don't accidentally freeze in the back (sad face).

GET FRESH GUARANTEE: we only want you eating cool, crisp, absolutely delicious produce. We also want you to have at least five days to enjoy it all. If the carrier (FedEx or UPS) delays your order and keeps it in transit longer than 60 hours (i.e. it arrives on the third transit day or later), it qualifies for a full replacement on us; just email your order number to YourFriends@gardencup.com and we'll handle the rest.


If your order is delayed (especially during the colder months), there's a good chance your cups are still perfectly fine to enjoy: if the cold packs are still partially solid and cups are cold to the touch, all is well! If the cold packs are completely liquidated and your gardencups are warm to the touch, discard the perished food and enjoy your new food storage containers. Email YourFriends@gardencup.com with a picture of the inside of the box upon opening and we'll process your replacement right away.


Hand-wash those cups and put them to work organizing the house! While you can reuse a gardencup for almost any at-home or on-the-go storage and organizination, they were born for the kitchen. Have your best looking pantry, fridge, and freezer by moving all your loose staples into a uniform storage fleet of repurposed gardencups.


After a months-long research process, we meticulously selected these premium, food-grade containers as the absolute most robust storage option for one of the most fragile foods: fresh salads. NATURALLY, they work just as well as to protect and maintain freshness for all types of other foods in their afterlife: fresh/frozen produce (berries, greens, carrots and celery sticks...), your own prepped meals (soups, salads, grain-bowls), dry foods (seeds, nuts, grains, snacks) and of course liquids (drinks, smoothies, sauces, salsas).


The screw-top cap with foam liner helps create an airtight seal, When washing the caps, be sure to dry this foam liner separately as water can get underneath it. The cups are not microwave- or dishwasher-safe, though they usually survive low-heat cycles on the top rack. 


Another goal with our cups and packaging is SUSTAINABILITY. We want to make clean eating more practical and on-demand than ever, but only while minimize single-use plastics... While our cups cost about 20x more than your average Startbucks plastic cup, they are also endlessly reusable. Our hope is that your upcycled cups give you cleanest looking pantry fridge, and tupperware collection you've ever had! But if you find yourself on your 10th gardencup delivery and you run out of second-hand uses for them, email YourFriends@gardencup.com for a free return shipping label. We'll sanitize those babies and get them back into circulation! Please send at leasat 12 cups back at a time in your original Gardencup box or one of similar/smaller size. Feel free to include the thermal liner, which we can also recycle properly, but NOT the ice packs, which can be safely drained in your sink after you have enough in the freezer. 


For Business

Catering fresh salads and grain bowls for a large team or event? Whether you're in Honolulu or Boston, we can be your new favorite caterer!


Want a fresh salad vending machine for your office building, hospital, airport, gym, college campus, or event center? No problem, our Gardencup ATMs will turn food-desert frowns upside down; the perfect restaurant-quality food solution that's fully automated.


Interested in selling gardencups retail at your gym, coffee shop, hotel, convenience store, grocery chain? So glad you asked! We do that too.



Fresh food that's BETTER FOR YOU.

Doorstep delivery that MAKES LIFE EASY.

Resealable, take-and-shake cups with ON-DEMAND CONVENIENCE.


Show us a simpler way to get more fresh produce in your life and we'll do that instead. Any other ideas? Please lettuce know! We're on a mission to make clean eating SO EASY it's unavoidable, helping you lead a healthier, happier, stress-freer life (is that a word?). Email YourFriends@gardencup.com and tell us how we can help.