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No time to shop the garden every week? No problem! Skip the hassle of re-ordering all the time and lettuce change it up for you. Subscribe to our Rotator Pack for a fresh mix every other week so you can enjoy an evergreen variety hand selected from all our favorites, newest drops, and seasonally optimal Gardencups, Powercups, and Producecups. Bonus: the Mega Pack includes Snackcups and Producecups to complete your fridge for the week.

The Rotator subscription is hands down the best way to keep your pallette entertained and your stomach happy! Get our full variety of both year-round and recommended seasonal cups with the least amount of the effort... just set it and forget it. You may even find an exclusive off-menu cup every once in a while!

About 70% of meals include a protein. Detailed descriptions and nutrition information for each cup can be found on the Pack Builder page at time of delivery.

Mini Packs include 6 meals: 2 Gardencups, 1 Gardencup Mini, 3 Powercups

Mega Packs include 10 meals + 4 snacks: 6 Gardencups, 4 Powercups, 4 Snack & Producecups


SUBSCRIBE to Quick Packs for 10% OFF every delivery! Put your gardencups on autopilot and make clean eating SO EASY (and affordable) that it's unavoidable.


Those with strict food allergies or dietary restrictions we recommend building your own pack.

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